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Christian holds an LL.B in business law from the Université Robert Schuman in Strasbourg (2001) and an LL.M in Law and regulation of international finance and Competition law from King’s College London (2006).

Christian was admitted to the Luxembourg bar as a trainee lawyer in 2002.

Following the completion of his traineeship in 2004 with a small but highly regarded litigation law firm specializing in collective insolvency proceedings and whose founding partner and Christian’s supervisor (patron de stage) was one of the Court appointed liquidators of i.a. the BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International), i.e. until today one of the largest international bankruptcies ever, Christian pursued in 2005 his studies with an LL.M.

After his return to Luxembourg in 2006 Christian joined the investment funds department of a large international law firm before returning in 2009 to the litigation law firm where he had started his career.

In September 2012 Christian opened his own law firm with a focus on collective insolvency proceedings.

Since the very beginning as a trainee lawyer Christian has been regularly appointed by the Court as bankruptcy receiver (curateur de faillites) and liquidator (liquidateur judiciaire). Due to this experience Christian is nowadays chosen by the Court also as so-called administrateur provisoire, i.e. a Court appointed director of a company, and as sequester (of real estate, company shares etc.).

Besides these judicial mandates, Christian also acts as voluntary liquidator (liquidateur volontaire) of companies and he assists domestic and international clients and defends their rights in Court in the following practice areas.

Christian has a preference for avoiding judicial conflicts which are often very lengthy and costly. He has acquired a solid experience in the field of amicable dispute resolution and can assist his clients in order to try to prevent litigation or to find an amicable solution to a dispute, for instance by way of a written settlement deal or by mediation.

practice areas

Administrative law:

  • building permits, development plans (PAG/PAP), urban and agricultural replotting, etc.
  • environmental law
  • civil service law

Civil law:

  • insurance law
  • banking and finance law
  • contract law
  • consumer law
  • civil liability
  • compensation of victims of accidents or crimes
  • collection of debts
  • inheritance law

Real estate law:

  • lease contract
  • condominium
  • construction law
  • property ownership: acquisition/sale of real estate, easement, demarcation of boundary, neighbourhood disturbances etc.

Commercial law (in general):

  • contract law: negotiating, writing, adapting, interpreting, enforcing or terminating a commercial lease agreement, contract of sale, service contract, leasing contract, concession contract, pledge agreement, transfer of ownership for security purposes, agency contract, contract for the transfer of goodwill etc.
  • writing or adapting the general terms of business
  • proof of the acquisition/sale of goods or the provision of services: order form (bordereau de commande), accepted invoice (facture acceptée) etc.
  • collection of debts/accounts receivables
  • etc.


Company law:

  • applications for business permits (autorisation d’établissement, also called “autorisation de commerce”)
  • incorporation of civil law companies, commercial law companies, non-profit associations (a.s.b.l.), foundations
  • shareholder litigation
  • situations where a company director or sequester is appointed by the Court (administration provisoire de sociétés, séquestre)
  • directors’ and officers’ liability
  • sale/transfer of a business: advising and assisting shareholders willing to sell their businesses
  • voluntary liquidations of companies
  • etc.

Labour law and social legislation:

Christian consults his clients regarding all aspects of labour law and social legislation and he defends their rights in Court.

Insolvencies and liquidations of companies:

Christian is regularly solicited also by foreign bankruptcy receivers and liquidators for all Luxembourg law matters relating to foreign collective insolvency proceedings especially when confronted with litigation pending in front of the Luxembourg Courts.

Judicial mandates:

In addition, Christian accepts the following judicial mandates :

  • bankruptcy receiver (curateur de faillites)
  • Court appointed liquidator of companies (liquidateur judiciaire de sociétés)
  • Court appointed director of companies (administrateur provisoire de sociétés)
  • sequester of real estate, company shares etc. (séquestre judiciaire)
  • legal guardian of adults (curateur et tuteur de majeurs)
  • receiver of vacant successions (curateur à successions vacantes)

bankruptcies and liquidations

important information


Faillite HKB LUX S.à r.l., ayant exploité sous l’enseigne « Ladyfitness »

Les personnes ayant souscrit un abonnement pour l’utilisation des salles de fitness « Ladyfitness » à Strassen et/ou Kirchberg et qui ont payé à l’avance leur abonnement, peuvent déposer une déclaration de créance dans le cadre de la faillite de la société HKB LUX S.à r.l., ayant exploité lesdites salles de fitness sous l’enseigne « Ladyfitness ». A cette fin, les clientes sont priées :


1) de remplir le formulaire de déclaration de créance ci-dessous,


2) d’y attacher une copie :

a) de leur contrat d’abonnement et

b) d’une preuve de paiement de cet abonnement


3) d’envoyer ensuite ce formulaire à l’adresse suivante :

Greffe du Tribunal de commerce

B.P. 23

L-2010 Luxembourg


ATTENTION : le curateur de la faillite ne déposera pas de déclaration de créance au tribunal ! Il appartient à chaque créancier de déposer ou d’envoyer personnellement sa déclaration de créance, ensemble avec les annexes susmentionnées, à l’adresse du tribunal de commerce susmentionnée !

SIDERLUX S.à r.l., en liquidation volontaire

SIDERLUX S.à r.l.,
en liquidation volontaire

Le 20 avril 2018, l’associé unique de la société à responsabilité limitée SIDERLUX S.à r.l., avec siège social à L-8030 Strassen, 153-155, rue du Kiem, inscrite au Registre de commerce et des sociétés de Luxembourg sous le numéro B173281, a décidé de dissoudre cette société et de la mettre en liquidation à compter de ce jour. Maître Christian STEINMETZ, avocat à la Cour, demeurant professionnellement à L-2128 Luxembourg, 30, rue Marie-Adélaïde, a été nommé liquidateur de cette société. Le liquidateur invite par la présente tous les créanciers de cette société à lui faire parvenir, endéans un mois à compter de la publication de la présente, par envoi postal à l’adresse ci-dessous, leur déclaration de créance.

Le liquidateur.
Avocat à la Cour
30, rue Marie-Adélaïde
L-2128 Luxembourg


SIDERLUX S.à r.l.,
in liquidazione volontaria

Il 20 aprile 2018, l’unico socio della società a responsabilità limitata SIDERLUX S.à r.l., con sede a L-8030 Strassen, 153-155, rue du Kiem, iscritta nel Registro di Commercio di Lussemburgo Registre de commerce et des sociétés de Luxembourg) sotto il numero B173281, ha deciso di dissolvere questa società e di  metterla in liquidazione a questa data. Avv. Christian STEINMETZ, avvocato presso la Corte, con residenza professionale L-2128 Luxembourg, 30, rue Marie-Adélaïde, è stato nominato liquidatore di questa società. Con la presente il liquidatore invita tutti i creditori della società di spedire per posta, entro un mese della pubblicazione della presente, con lettera all’indirizzo qui sotto, la loro dichiarazione di reclamo.

Il liquidatore
Avocat à la Cour
30, rue Marie-Adélaïde
L-2128 Luxembourg



Avocat à la Cour - LL.M (King's College London)

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L-2128 Luxembourg

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